Sharpening Experts

Sumaq Wholesalers Ltd. has introduced a sharpening program for the Greater Toronto Area, the Niagara Region and the Kitchener-Waterloo Region. We are now offering professionally sharpened knife exchanges to the foodservice and commercial industries. We customize a program that will fit best with each and every customer.

We also have a drop in service where you can get your knives sharpened at our facility:

325 Weston Road Unit A2
Toronto, ON
M6N 4Z9

The Benefits of Sharpening:

Longer Lasting Knives
Knives naturally get dull with use overtime. The edge of the blade starts to fold over. Sharpening restores the damaged cutting edge without removing excessive amounts of the blade.

Performance Benefit
A knife's ability to perform knife-like tasks is directly related to its sharpness; therefore it is important to maintain the sharpness. A sharp knife is a safe knife. By maintaining it in perfect working order, this increases productivity, and makes cutting an easier and a safer task. A sharp knife allows for smoother performance, increases productivity and reduces pressure on ones hands, wrists, arms and shoulders.

Cost Benefit
Preserving your knives will save you money from constantly having to replace them and purchasing costly new ones. Cutting costs and increase profits.

Sharpened knives will benefit you in the long run, build confidence and increase job satisfaction.